Get to Know Us!

Early beginnings always hold memorable moments. With the coming of more missionaries from the Netherlands, Argentina and again a few more Americans, schools, clinics, and pastoral work became active and vibrant. There were girls in smart marching band dresses playing musical instruments and performing for the various Church activities. The life expectancy of babies and children was very low, calling some sisters to visit the large government hospital and bring the waters of baptism to many who were on the verge of death. Bible classes, religion classes were conducted. Through our ministry, the lepers, the sick and the dying were treated with tenderness and care. The Sisters came to bring the love of the Triune God to all people.

Our schools, clinics and hospital have been essential instruments in touching the lives of so many Ghanaian people. We have grown and opened our doors to so many other nationalities of Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters. We have Sisters from twenty one different countries, with Ghana serving as a home of formation for young women coming from other African countries. Our Ghanaian Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters have been missioned to the Philippines, Togo, South Africa, Zambia and Rome.


The African woman has a deep sense of the sacred, and the call of God to a life of consecrated chastity, poverty, and obedience has been well received. In 1925, our first Ghanaian Holy Spirit Missionary Sister professed her first vows in Steyl, the Netherlands. After receiving her mission assignment to Argentina, Sr. Virginie Althoff returned to her home country of Ghana in 1947. She worked in schools and in pastoral care. She was asked by Bishop Joseph Bowers, SVD, to assist in the formation of a woman’s congregation for the Diocese of Accra. The Handmaids of the Divine Redeemer of Accra were nurtured by a number of Holy Spirit Sisters until they became independent.

After seeing to the establishment of the Handmaids of the Divine Redeemer, we gradually began our own formation program. In 1988, we witnessed the first vows of Sr. Cecilia Boateng. Sixteen other Ghanaian women have followed in her footsteps. Now our formation program also includes eight young women from Angola, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Togo and Benin. The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters have a beautiful African flavor! We are open to receive and share with all young African women who want to join us in making the saving love of the Triune God known and loved.

Ministries in Ghana:

Archdiocese of Accra: 

St. Mary’s Convent

Catholic Social Advance Institute (Vocational Secondary School), Accra 

St. Mary’s Secondary School, Accra 

Bishop Bowers School, Accra 


Diocese of Koforidua: 

Madonna School, Koforidua 

Mother Maria House – Postulancy, Koforidua 

Holy Family Hospital, Nkawkaw 

St. Joseph Clinic/Maternity, Kwahu Tafo 

Holy Spirit Convent, Donkorkrom – Vocational School 

Mother Josepha Convent – Kwesi Fante – Clinic 


Diocese of Sunyani: 

Holy Spirit Formation house, Dumasua/Sunyani – Novitiate 

Holy Spirit School, Fiapre

Holy Trinity School, Kanasua


Diocese of Navrongo/Bolgatanga: 

Holy Spirit Convent, Wiaga – Clinic/Maternity 


Diocese of Yendi: 

Trinity Convent, Saboba – teaching, laboratory technician, pastoral work